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Equipping and guiding clients step by step, on their immigration journey...


  • LEARNHOW, R711165, is an Immigration consulting business that provides Canadian immigration visa services to applicants seeking legal entry into Canada.

  • We assist our clients in applying for different types of visas ranging from; Tourist, Working, Skilled (PR), Family and business Visa, just to mention a few.

  • At LearnHow immigration consulting services, we forge a professional relationship with our clients to provide tailored-made quality service.

  • As part of our commitment to our clients, we seek to provide a fair and honest representation on every visa application.

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Client Reviews

At Learnhow being client obsessed is our second nature. We strive to give our clients the best service and ensure they can be rest assured that their case is always a priority to us.

Check out some of our client reviews below...

"I went to Learnhow since I am looking for employer sponsorship and after being in contact with many Immigration lawyers, Lola is hands down the most efficient and caring Immigration consultant. She found time to meet with me immediately since my matter was very time sensitive and she guided me through the process in detail. I received 10/10 services!


"We needed to apply for a visitor visa and it was our first time doing so. We had heard about people who applied for Canadian visitor visa and didn't here back for over a year. We decided to use Learnhow's visitor visa application service and after guiding us step by step in the process we got approved for our visitor visa by the Canadian government in record timing without any issues!

Lawrence and Helen

"I applied for the visitor visa on my own before the pandemic. However I never heard back about the status of my application for almost two years. I decided to engage Learnhow because I was confused about what to do next. A consultant at Learnhow contacted Canadian immigration for me and then reapplied for my visa for me again, as requested by immigration. I will soon be on my way to visit my children and my dream to visit Canada is closer than I could have ever dreamt of!


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